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The technology driving an industry leading ad platform

We see ourselves first and foremost as a technology provider. Our entire business model is built around the excellence of our self-serve platform. We add value to both advertisers and publishers by breaking bulk traffic up into segments and selling it to the advertisers who value those segments most.

Not all traffic is equal, while an iPhone user in Germany may convert very well for one advertiser it is next to useless for someone promoting a US web offer. Our system ensures publishers get the best price for all of their traffic and we work with the industries leading advertisers to ensure this.

Pop under traffic is a non intrusive advertising model because the ad is popped underneath the existing browser window. Users will only see the ad when they have finished looking at your site and close their current browser window or tab.


SEOsafe - Search engine friendly pop under advertising

Mobile Popunders - Using multi tab browsers on smart phones to display advertising

Retargeting - Building audience lists of prospective customers and engaging them further after the initial ad display.

Pop Tab Ads - Open a new tab rather than a pop under window. Less intrusive for the user and your original page stays on top.

Live Bidding - Real time bidding in a fair and innovative market place.

Super Simple Splittests - A/B split test our advertising against any other network with a simple copy and paste code.
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