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Why run traffic to us?

We are so confident that website publishers can make more money with HC Traffic we provide the tools necessary for you to A/B split test us against your existing network.

Not only can we increase your revenue HC Traffic does more to help protect your interests. Our SEOsafe engine ensures your organic search rankings wont be affected by placing pop under advertising on your websites. Our advertising standards team constantly monitors the ads running on your site to ensure there are no bad advertising practices that might annoy your regular visitors.

Publishers can send us traffic in many different ways such as:
Our payments are frequent and reliable. We pay net 7 monthly as standard with payments going out within 7 days of the end of each month and net 7 weekly if you can generate $1000+ / week consistently. Payments can be made by Paypal or international wire transfer. Other options may be available on request. Our professional fully qualified accounts team are on hand to handle any financial or tax queries.

Detailed real-time statistics and earnings reports provide accurate feedback on your ad zones. See which devices and geographic regions make you the most money.

The simple setup is just a matter of copying and pasting a small snippet of code onto your websites.

SEO safe pop under ads

Advanced options are available including:
Block pop ads in certain geographic regions
Redirect certain regions to a different URL, ideal if you have your own whitelabels and brands which you wish to promote in certain areas and let us monetise the rest of your traffic.
Set minimum CPM rates by country, if these rates are not met redirect to your own URL.
Block advertisers or zones
Block certain devices from popping ads, only want mobile ads or only want to pop ads on iPads?
Set rules as to what type of advertising campaigns are allowed to be used on your sites.
Set a frequency cap to regulate your advertising and improve visitor experience.

A dedicated account manager will be on hand to help get you setup and provide advice and support whenever you need it.

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