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HC Traffic - Premium Traffic Network

Our ambition is simple, to make publishers more money by providing the tools which allow advertisers to bid higher while maintaining their ROI and scaling campaigns to the highest volumes.

Our technology is robust and innovative offering industry leading performance and reporting. For the new advertiser or publisher setup can be a simple 5 minute process. Once you delve into the self serve platform you will find enough options, targeting features and optimisation opportunities to continuously improve your business model.

The accounts and management at HC Traffic pride themselves in providing the highest possible standards in customer service. We have a small, professional, effective and approachable team who are standing by to provide support and advice. Our payouts are so reliable you can literally set your watch by them. There is a good reason that, to date, we have no complaints or bad press.

If you are a publisher looking to better monetise your traffic why not setup an A/B split test to see if we can increase your earnings and do better business together. We provide the code to do this and your account manager will be more than willing to help get it setup if needed.

If you are an advertiser looking to scale a successful campaign there is good reason to test our traffic. Our conversion tracking can be utilised to optimise campaigns and achieve the highest possible ROI. Dynamic tags can be added to URLs to pass variables through to 3rd party tracking systems. Behavioural retargeting campaigns can track prospects and improve conversions and ultimately sales.

If you have any reservations or queries please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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