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Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions
1.1 The "Advertiser" means the account applicant or person who buys or agrees to buy advertising services from the HC Traffic Ltd.
1.2 The "Publisher" means account applicant or person who is responsible for the distribution of online advertising material on their website.
1.3 The "Advert" An electronic form of advertising displayed from the publishers website.
1.4 The "Website" is the publisher owned property which is utilised to provide advertising space for the advertiser.
1.5 "HC Traffic" is the advertising network, operated by HC Traffic Ltd acting as the marketplace technology for publishers to sell advertising space to advertisers.
1.6 "CPM" is the cost or revenue per 1000 impressions of an advert.
1.7 "Insertion Order" ("IO") is the agreement between two parties to buy/sell advertising space.
1.8 "Bid" is the maximum CPM price the advertiser is willing to pay for advertising space.
1.9 "Threshold" is the minimum amount of revenue required to release a payment to the publisher.
1.10 "Advertising Network" is the technological software and hardware platform designed and owned by HC Traffic Ltd which manages the delivery of adverts.
1.11 "Targeting" is the selected audience the advertiser is trying to reach.
1.12 "Traffic" is the flow of users from a publishers website to the advertisers advert or website.
1.13 "User" is the person using a computer to view a website who will see the displayed advert.

2. Conditions
2.1 These "Terms and Conditions" do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
2.2 All contracts and insertion orders made by HC traffic shall be deemed to incorporate these terms and conditions which shall prevail over any other document or communication from the advertiser or publisher.
2.3 If any amendments to these terms and conditions are required it is preferable that they be confirmed in writing.
2.4 Acceptance of delivery of adverts shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the advertisers acceptance of these conditions.
2.5 Delivery of adverts shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the publishers acceptance of these conditions.

3. Payments and Prices
3.1 The cost price for advertising will be established in a real time bidding environment. The price will be established by the price bid by the advertiser during the campaign setup.
3.2 The CPM rate paid to publishers will be established based on internal algorithms.
3.3 Advertisers must prepay for all traffic.
3.4 Advertisers can prepay using the following methods:
Paypal $3k monthly limitation
Bank wire transfer no limitations
3.5 Publishers will be paid monthly as standard with some publishers moving to weekly payments where deemed fit by HC Traffic.
3.6 Publishers can be paid using the following methods:
Paypal $100 threshold
Bankwire $500 threshold
3.7 HC Traffic are entitled to charge any fees in regards to transaction charges.
3.8 HC Traffic are entitled to hold back payment where there is evidence or suspicion of fraud and or bad quality traffic.
3.9 HC Traffic assumes no responsibility for paying any income taxes, banking commissions or currency fees on behalf of the publisher. Please contact your local tax authority for further advice on any applicable income tax schemes.

4. Delivery of advertising
4.1 Whilst every reasonable effort shall be made to provide reliable and consistent delivery of adverts HC Traffic shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages or expenses incurred by the advertiser, publisher or any other person or company arising directly or indirectly out of any failure from the advertising network.
5. Publicity
5.1 HC Traffic shall use the names, trademarks and/or correspondence of publishers, advertisers or any third parties without prior written approval.

6. Statistics and discrepancies
6.1 All traffic revenue will be calculated from HC Traffic statistics. These will be the sole basis for calculating revenue for publishers and costs for advertisers.
6.2 HC Traffic statistics may not be 100% accurate and this is accepted by both the publisher and advertiser.
6.3 In the event of a failure to record statistics from advertising network. HC Traffic will estimate revenue and costs based on previous and historical statistics. Our decision in regard to setting these rates will be final and not negotiable.

7. Ownership and Risk
7.1 Any risk in advertising shall pass directly to the advertiser upon delivery of the advert from the publisher.
7.2 No guarantees can be made in respect to traffic quality and HC Traffic will not be held liable for any losses incurred from bad quality traffic.

8. Cancellation and Refunds
8.1 An advertiser can cancel a campaign at any time. The advertising network provides real time control of this feature however as a precaution it is recommended to provide 24 hours notice in writing where possible.
8.2 If you are an advertiser you have the right, in addition to your other rights, to cancel your contract and receive a refund. You must contact us and inform us in writing of your desire to cancel your account. Your login will then be removed and your remaining balance will be paid back to you. Any bank/paypal fees from this will be charged to the advertiser.
8.3 If you are a publisher you have the right, in addition to your other rights, to cancel your contract at any time. You must contact us and inform us in writing of your desire to cancel your account. Your login will then be removed and your remaining balance will be paid out only if it meets the minimum thresholds as outlined in section

9. Force Majeure
In the event that HC Traffic is prevented from carrying out its obligations under a contract for sale as a result of any cause beyond its control such as but not limited to Acts of God, War, Strikes, Lock-outs, Hardware Failure, Security Breaches, Flood and Failure of third parties to deliver advertising, HC Traffic shall be relieved of its obligations and liabilities under such contract for sale for as long as such fulfilment is prevented.

10. Complaints
10.1 If you have a complaint about our service or any goods or services you purchase from HC Traffic Ltd then please contact us immediately. You will be contacted as soon as possible of our hearing from you and aim to provide a resolution within 5 working days.
10.2 All complaints will be dealt with in a fair and confidential manner.

11. Liability
11.1 Under no circumstances will HC Traffic be liable for any losses suffered by the advertiser or publisher.
11.2 Our total liability will never exceed more than $100 USD per event whereby a series of events or campaigns is considered a single event.
11.3 We are not liable for losses caused by third parties including those using the advertising network.

12. Alterations to terms and conditions
12.1 HC Traffic are entitled to amend these terms and conditions as we see fit for any reason at any time.
12.2 An up to date copy of the current terms and conditions will be provided at the following URL:
12.3 If an advertiser or publisher does not agree to any amendment they will be entitled to terminate the agreement in writing within 14 days of the amendment being made.

13. Budgets
13.1 While every effort is made to meet advertisers requirements in regard to budgets we can not provide any guarantees and HC Traffic will not be held liable or provide any refunds where budgets are exceeded.

14. Targeting
14.1 HC Traffic will not be held liable for any advertising which is delivered outside of the targeting provided by the advertiser.

15. Advertising Standards
15.1 HC Traffic has a zero tolerance policy on the following website and advertising content:
Child pornography
Sexual conduct with animals
Violent or abusive content
Racist, sexist or any discriminatory content
Content or images of a person without his/her consent
Criminal offences
Deceptive investment advice
Spyware, malware, adware and any illegal software
Pirated content / Copyright infringements
Illegal activities such as Spam and Phishing
Any scatalogical activities
Unauthorised use of third party trademarks
Promotion of drugs or related paraphernalia
Any content targeting children of age 18 or younger
Gambling or online betting which targets US audiences
15.2 Any breaches of section 15.1 may result in immediate termination of your publisher or advertiser account.

16. Applications
16.1 Applications for advertiser and publisher accounts on the advertising network will be approved or declined at the sole discretion of HC Traffic employees for any reason we deem fit.

17. Suitable Use
17.1 Publishers are entitled to use our advertising with other third party advertising solutions however there should be no other pop under or pop over scripts functional at on the same website as the HC Traffic advert. Any publisher using multiple pop over/under adverts will forfeit all commissions due on account.
17.2 Advertisers may not use any automated software in conjunction with the HC Traffic advertising network. Any advertiser found to be doing this will have their account closed and any remaining balance forfeited.

18. Relevance
18.1 We can not guarantee the adverts placed on a publishers website will be relevant to the website.
18.2 Advertisers are responsible for the relevance of their campaigns in regard to the advertising provided.

19. Misuse
19.1 Any misuse of the system will result in immediate closure of the publisher or advertiser account.
19.2 Misuse will be judged solely by HC Traffic employees and can be based on any factor we see fit.
19.3 Publishers using any method to artificially increase the number of impressions supplied will have their accounts immediately closed. All traffic provided should be genuine users.
19.4 Code provided for publishers such as the pop under javascript tag may not be modified or reused in any way.

20. Closure of Account
20.1 On closure of account the publisher or advertiser will not be entitled to any remuneration of funds remaining in the account.

21. Use of Cookies
21.1 HC Traffic uses cookies to store information on a users computer. This information is then used in targeting by advertisers, including retargeting campaigns. A retargeting campaign is when a cookie is placed, sometimes by a third party, on the users computer and then ads are then shown to users with that specific cookie. Every publisher is responsible for updating the terms and conditions, privacy policy and any other legal documents required for the use of cookies and retargeting in their local region.

22. Misc
22.1 Any contracts shall in all respects be construed and operate as an English contract and in conformity with English law.
22.2 HC Traffic will not be held liable to any breaches of guidelines or laws outside of the UK.
22.3 If any part of these terms and conditions that is not fundamental is found to be illegal or unenforceable, such finding will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of these terms and conditions.

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