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HC Traffic Ltd Privacy Policy

Date effective from 01.12.12

This Privacy policy states how HC Traffic Ltd stores and uses personal information provided by itís clients and users.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We collect information in two ways:

Information entered onto our website such as name, address, telephone no, email address, Company and VAT number, bank account, credit card number etc.

We automatically gather information from your computer including but not limited to IP address, referrer information, cookie data, pages viewed or exited, device and browser type.

We will use this information to:

Track and analyse traffic patterns
Credit publishers and charge advertisers for traffic
Send confirmation of order and payment
Maintain your account
Calculate and send Invoices
Send notification of low balance on account
Respond to your queries or questions
Contact you about a query on your account
Send newsletters
Send product updates
Send marketing communications

You can choose to opt out of email newsletters, marketing communication and updates by opting out during your account registration. If you would like to cancel your subscription just drop us an email saying you want to unsubscribe and we will remove you from our lists immediately.

Sharing Information

We will only share information to third parties if absolutely necessary, The circumstances where this may happen are:

As required by law
As required by HMRC
As required to protect our rights or investigate fraud.
If required to respond to a government request.
If required for specific marketing purposes

If you choose to use Paypal their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy will be applicable.


We use cookies on our tracking platform to personalise your ad experience. A cookie is a piece of information stored locally on your computer in a location specified by your web browser. This information may be used for behavioural retargeting purposes which involves recording sites or subjects you have shown an interest in and then display advertising targeted at these subjects. Cookie data is usually in the form of reference numbers and it is rare for any personal information to be stored in a cookie.

We also use cookies to track conversions when a user signs up or purchases a product.

If any of our clients, affiliates, publishers, advertisers etc use cookies these are not covered by our Privacy Policy.


Although we maintain a high level of security to protect your personal information due to itís nature electronically stored data can never be 100% safe and we cannot guarantee itís total security. If you have any questions about security please email


If you wish to cancel your account or need to amend or edit any personal information please contact us at and we will ensure your request is actioned.


We will store your information whilst the account is live or until you notify us with a request to remove it. We will in some circumstances retain information to fulfill legal obligations and any account disputes.


We will regularly review and update this Privacy Policy so we recommend that you occasionally review the Policy. If there are any material changes we will email you an updated version. Previous versions will be kept in an archive.
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