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Why advertise with us?

Pop under advertising is an effective and high volume medium where an advertisers website or landing page is loaded underneath the browsers existing window. Our self-serve live bidding platform brings high performance optimisation and targeting options to this advertising method.

All advertising space is broken down by geographic regions. Your campaigns can target a single country, a continent or full worldwide coverage.

Advertisers can target the following devices:
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 2000
Windows 98
Other Tablet
Feature Phone
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Frequency capping allows you to set a limit on the number of times a single user can see your ads. The frequency cap range goes from no cap at all to one impression per year.

Budgeting options allows you to set spending limits on a per campaign basis.

Zone filters lets you block any unwanted traffic sources from the initial campaign setup or later during optimisation.

Dynamic tags allow advertisers to pass the following variables through to 3rd party tracking systems:
{campaignid} {pubid} {zoneid} {bid} {country} {city} {width} {height} {clickid}

Bulk URL approval and a fast consistent approval process is available for your convenience.

advertiser stats Retargeting options are available to build campaigns around an advertisers audience lists. These lists are generated by placing an image pixel on a website or conversion page.

Conversion pixels are provided which can be assigned a value allowing you to track your revenue directly to your ad spend.
Reporting is broken down into the following areas: Our reporting system focuses on key performance indicators such as CPA (cost per acquisition) and revenue vs spend.

There are a lot of features and possibilities but simple campaign setup and testing is easy. The advertising platform has been designed to be intuitive and our aim is to become your go to network for testing new offers and campaigns. A dedicated representative will be on hand to provide advice, support and assistance whenever needed.

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